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Crush Career Stagnation: Job Motivation Blueprint

March 11, 2024

Crush Career Stagnation: Job Motivation Blueprint

In 2019, 8 World Championship-titled winner Nicol David announced her retirement to the world. The announcement, although released to the public in February, would take its effect later in June of that year. Largely, the triumph here is not reflected on the squash court, rather it is relied on Nicol’s motivation on bidding farewell that truly resonate. In a world where feelings of demotivation are common, Nicol David’s journey serves as an inspiration for job improvement and empowerment. 

Think About It Have you ever felt a pang of stagnancy, and a loss of motivation at your current day job? Or, maybe you catch yourself scrolling endlessly through Linkedin’s rabbit hole, eager to expand on your ‘Experience’ tab?  

We’re not saying everybody should retire! We are however putting out that, in attachment to Nicol’s squash journey, anybody can embody her continuous pursuit of personal growth. So, here’s a 5-step list to assess IF your current situation calls for a much needed, Nicol-David-inspired change of pace:

  1. Reflect on Your Passion and Purpose: Take time to assess whether your current job aligns with your passion and long-term goals. Consider whether you still feel fulfilled and motivated in your role. Then, take time to imagine the butterfly effect of your presence there in 2 years.
  2. Evaluate Your Work Environment: Pay attention to the culture and dynamics of your workplace. Assess whether you feel supported, valued, and are able to thrive in your current environment.
  3. Listen to Your Gut Instincts: Trust your intuition, just as Nicol David relied on her instincts throughout her squash career. If you feel unfulfilled, it may be a sign to echo Nicol’s ability to recognize when it was time to retire.
  4. Assess Your Personal Growth: Reflect on whether you’re still learning, growing, and developing professionally in your current job. Consider whether there are opportunities for advancement or new challenges that excite you.
  5. Plan for the Future: After her decision to retire, Nicol took a proactive approach to her career by starting the Nicol David Organisation, a squash clinic dedicated to informing the youth on sports and education, thus exemplifying her commitment to shaping the future. Assess whether your current job aligns with your motivation for the future. If not, begin exploring alternative opportunities or career paths!

From listening to our inner voice to planning for the future, Nicol’s counsel guides us towards saying goodbye with courage and resilience, reminding us that every ending paves the way for new beginnings. 

Seeking out new challenges can expand your horizons and unlock full potential

Whether it’s exploring a different industry, pursuing further education, or starting a new venture, it can trigger motivation.

Embracing risk-taking not only fosters resilience and adaptability. It also opens doors to unforeseen opportunities and experiences that contribute to a more enriching and rewarding life journey!

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