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Kepimpinan Pragmatik

Wahid Omar akan membekalkan anda dengan alat dan minda yang diperlukan untuk memimpin dengan cara pragmatis dan mendorong impak yang bermakna di organisasi anda dan lebih jauh.

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Unleash Your Inner Champion

Explore what it takes to build a mindset of a champion with Nicol David, delving into mental resilience, goal-setting, and disciplined success strategies.

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Inspiring Innovation At Work

Deep dive into the constellation of Mazlan Othman's mind, Malaysia's foremost astrophysicist, as she expands on blazing new trails within local sciences, alongside leadership initiatives and how to best foster a team.

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Breaking Barriers, Disrupting Norms

Tony Fernandes poses the question, 'What do you want out of your life?'. In a 12-lesson course plan, explore the importance of disrupting each conventional route! In turn, pushing your capabilities forward to achieving an entrepreneurial mindset unlike any other.

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