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From Ideation to Expression

Tyler Wisler wants you to speak up! Let the design-extraordinaire’s expert guidance lead you to mastering communication, building strong client relationships, and developing your personal brand.


What’s communication got to do with it?
Tyler Wisler expands beyond traditional design to highlight the importance of personal branding and handling the social aspects it takes to ensure your creative intentions resonate with others. Get ready to face up to clientele interaction, fancy parties, and the handling of awkward silences that seemingly spawn from nowhere!

Learning Outcomes

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Develop the ability to clearly and effectively convey design ideas and concepts to clients, through the articulation of your design vision, active listening, and leading client conversations.

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Build a strong personal brand that reflects your unique style and values, by identifying personal strengths, communicating authenticity, and marketing oneself.

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Adapt a cross-disciplinary mindset to apply design fundamentals, and interior design principles and tips to various creative fields. In turn, enhancing creativity within different contexts.

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Understand and manage the entire design process from initial client meetings to project completion.

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Create and deliver compelling design presentations that resonate with clients.

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Tyler Wisler

From Ideation to Expression

Tyler Wisler is a celebrated interior designer with over 20 years of experience, known for his innovative and functional designs.

Featured on HGTV's Design Star and Showhouse Showdown, Tyler now packages neatly an instructional course plan, which combines aspects of personal branding, client communication, and utilising conversations to better amplify your professional presence.

From Ideation to Expression is a reflexive showcase on how to harness everyday inspiration, embrace your authentic self, and how to continuously adapt and learn within professional journeys. After all, everything is figureoutable!

Join us and begin your journey today.

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