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Breaking Barriers, Disrupting Norms

Tony Fernandes poses the question, ‘What do you want out of your life?’. In a 12-lesson course plan, explore the importance of disrupting each conventional route! In turn, pushing your capabilities forward to achieving an entrepreneurial mindset unlike any other.


Tony Fernandes embraces Rookie status.

After all, his evolutionary career has always dedicated itself to a constant foray within newer entrepreneurial grounds. Here, Tony sits down with DIRI to outline the qualities of an innovative leader, alongside the positive domino effect perfect disruption can make— From Virgin auditor, to CEO of AirAsia.

Learning Outcomes

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Effectively lead a team into legacies, through unique, and proactive leadership styles.

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Understand the importance of aligning personal values with your workplace to achieve individual satisfaction and entrepreneurial success.

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Explore how risk-taking can simultaneously offer as a entrepreneurial stratagem in the long run, taking inspiration from Tony’s experiences biting bullets within an array of business fields.

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Grasp the significance of leadership presence and accountability during crises to maintain trust and company integrity.

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Recognise the importance of having a purpose-driven vision to transform conventional thinking and inspire action, especially gaining insight from Tony’s personal motives in his venture into the airline business.

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Tony Fernandes

Breaking Barriers, Disrupting Norms

Tony Fernandes has experience, alright!

In an extensive career mapping different sectors, he has taken each road less travelled in lieu of a conventional working style, pivoting one entrepreneurial angle after another.

With DIRI, Tony narrates his giant endeavours into bite-sized, in-depth lessons for you to get inspired and begin disrupting in a league of your own! Find out what it takes to translate your imaginary ideas into successful, tangible businesses.

Join us and begin your journey today.

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