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Achieving Success in the Corporate World

Nazir Razak teaches what it takes to be an effective leader in the corporate world, shared through his 30-year experience at CIMB Group.


Nazir Razak's course provides valuable insights for individuals looking to develop their career in the business industry. Through his 30 years of experience at CIMB, he shares his successes and failures, giving practical advice on how to navigate obstacles and make good decisions.

Through the course, you will be able to learn from a corporate leader's perspective and valuable lessons for individuals looking to excel in their careers in the business industry.

Learning Outcomes

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Unique insights into the workings of the Malaysian corporate world, including what to expect and how to navigate it successfully.

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Learning his three key covenants of succeeding in the corporate world.

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Becoming an effective leader, including learning how to make good decisions, as well as building positive work relationships.

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Building and maintaining a positive reputation in the industry, including how to handle difficult situations.

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How to identify and capitalise on opportunities in the local business industry.

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Navigate challenges and obstacles in your career by learning from his experiences and strategies for overcoming challenges.

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Lesson 1: Mentor Story

Lesson 2: Resonate with Nazir Razak

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Nazir Razak

Achieving Success in the Corporate World

After 30 years of experience at CIMB, which includes 20 years as CIMB Group's CEO, Nazir Razak shares practical advice on how to navigate obstacles and make good decisions in the corporate world.

Through this course, you'd be able to learn valuable lessons helping you develop your career in the business industry. You'll also be able to gain insights from the perspective of a driven and dedicated corporate leader in Malaysia.

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