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Inspiring Innovation At Work

Deep dive into the constellation of Mazlan Othman's mind, Malaysia’s foremost astrophysicist, as she expands on blazing new trails within local sciences, alongside leadership initiatives and how to best foster a team.


Mazlan Othman is no stranger to firsts.

Having to constantly delve into untouched arenas within the Malaysian science field, Mazlan’s problem-solving forte had to always be original. With DIRI, she narrates her approach to making things work amidst first-time pressures, proving you don’t need to be an astronaut to reach for the stars.

Learning Outcomes

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Learn Mazlan Othman's unique approach to problem-solving, and gain insights into how to tackle challenges creatively and effectively.

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Explore Mazlan’s leadership style, and techniques for leading initiatives within uncharted territories.

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Identify common barriers to innovation and learn practical methods for overcoming them, drawing from Mazlan Othman's experiences in pushing boundaries and breaking new ground within the Malaysian science field.

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Discover the key to adaptability when encountering unprecedented pressures and roles for the first time, drawing profound inspiration from Mazlan's fresh perspective.

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Gain unique insights into Mazlan’s collaborative experiences, delving into exclusive details of how she effectively mediated and coordinated multiple teams encompassing diverse areas of expertise.

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Get equipped with the risk-taking factors within an unconventional work life, including the unique sacrifices to take on when executing an innovative mentality.

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Mazlan Othman

Inspiring Innovation At Work

Mazlan Othman is nothing short of an original.
Having helmed a solo astrophysics career at a time when these sciences were foreign to local audiences, she now sits with DIRI to capture what it takes to lead a team into the unknown. Traverse through the unmapped terrains of innovative thinking, necessary sacrifice, and the leadership skill it takes to develop your unique working style, irregardless of profession.

Join us and begin your journey today.

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